Sau Caffè is a coffee roasting company born from of the desire to obtain a quality product in a market which unfortunately, in its present state, is mainly aimed at lowering the costs, in order to offer lower prices at the expense of overall quality. As of today we boast quality products thanks to the direct importation of coffee from Brazil.

Coffee that comes from plantations that we personally visited and chose through the evaluation of the productive areas, the cleaning techniques, the washing of and selection for sieve, density and color. Processing plants are equipped with the best roasting and packaging machinery, which, combined with the coffee selection and the entire supply chain control, allows us to provide our customers a high quality product throughout the course of the year.

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Coffee Machines

  • Professional Coffee Machines
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Coffee Beans

  • São Paolo Blend
  • Paranà Blend
  • Mogiana Blend
  • Decaffeinated


  • Coffee Pods (44ese)
  • Arabica
  • expressed
  • Extra
  • Decaffeinated

Sau Caffè for Social

Anffas Ostia Onlus, thanks to the partnership with Sau Caffè, has started some vocational training courses to integrate young people with intellectual and/or relational disability in the labour market. These courses, aimed to the development of internships, will ensure the entrance into the job market through employment agencies. The purpose of Anffas Ostia Onlus is to prepare these young people so that they become a resource for themselves and for the companies that will hire them, as any other employee.

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Our adventure in Brazil...

Sau Caffè also opens in Brazil with its partner NovaAmericaCafè

Il nostro Partner, NovAmerica